Friday, August 4, 2017

I Stand With Lil Duval

Nope. Nah. No. Nobody get to use deception and trickery to sleep with anyone. We the people are not going to normalize that sort of deceptive behavior at all! That is how folks get f up for real. It's not funny at all! Before you have sex with anyone. Be the hell up front about diseases and your sexuality. PERIOD!!!!

Nowadays folks should go to a certified licensed professional vertifiable doctor together to review actual written documentation of both parties medical records of at least 10-15 years on file. Have protective sex. Have mature dialogue before entering into any type of intimacy. ALL of this should be completed before whatever, whoopie and what not before the exchange of spit or body fluids. YEP. Ain't nobody that damn horny. Since errybody want to play games, UMPH! ✍️

If it was up me I want to see the entire medical record since you were born. It would be mandatory testing at least until we made a decision to not have unprotective sex. UMPH!

Some of ya'll have short memories.: Crack and HIV babies come to mind. Remember there still is no cure. Now the medical industry is reporting uncurable gonorrhoea <---

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